Faith Formation

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Baptism, Marriage and Faith Formation Information

Baptism Preparation

Deacon Jim Prosser –

Debbie Kaminski (410) 329-6826, ext. 100.

Downloadable Baptism Registration Form and Godparent Forms:



Also please reference the attached information for some of our Baptism and godparent guidelines. ( BAPTISM AND GODPARENT GUIDELINES )


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Marriage Preparations

(Please note that no dates will be granted until the engaged couple has secured a presider):

Please contact the presider of your choice: Fr. James Hannon at or Deacon Jim Prosser at

Deborah Webber, Hall and Wedding Coordinator,, (410) 329-6826, ext. 106.


Marriage Sponsor Couples

Deacon Jim Prosser and Camillus Prosser at: 


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Adult Faith Formation

Adult Faith Formation on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm – for more information contact Deacon Jim and Camillus Prosser at: for Thursday evenings.

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Small Faith Groups

The Composition of Small Groups

Small Groups consist of 6 – 10 like minded individuals who want to grow in their faith and get closer to God. Groups can be adult couples, new parents, men, women or youth. When enough groups are formed, more diverse groups may be formed.

The groups will meet routinely, every week or two weeks, at an agreed upon time and location (in homes, at the church, at someone’s office, Starbucks, etc.).

The members of each group commit to be there for one another; to be available for meetings; to prepare for and contribute during the meetings; and most important of all—everything said at these meetings is held in the utmost confidence by group members.

It is through this dedication to fellow group members that people can search their souls, study scripture, grow spiritually and if needed, seek help and comfort for personal problems and troubles; as well as celebrating members’ joys and successes.

The Small Group sessions usually begin with fellowship and prayer, followed by the group leader’s presentation of material related to the topic or message for that 4-6 week period. They then discuss how this applies to their lives. Finally, members can ask for prayers or support for a problem they (or a loved one) may be facing.

Consider signing up for one of these small groups. For more information please contact Jerry Reynolds at 


Adult Faith Formation program on Wednesday’s after 8:30am Mass

Come to 8:30am Mass on Wednesdays and join the group for some lively programs and fellowship. 

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RCIA – Learn More About the Catholic Faith!

Is it Time for you to Learn more about your faith

RCIA is a weekly program for those adults who want to better understand the Catholic faith, with the goal, if they choose, of becoming fully initiated members. So, it is perfect for those who:

  • Were never Baptized into a Christian faith
  • Were Baptized as a Christian, but would like to investigate the Catholic faith
  • Were baptized Catholic, but have been away from the Church for a while, and never received the sacraments of either 1st Communion, or Confirmation
  • Parents who want to fully enter the Church, to better teach and guide their child in the faith

The RCIA program presents an opportunity for interested adults to grow in their faith by becoming more familiar with, and more knowledgeable about, the Catholic faith.

It is an informal program that allows your personal faith challenges to be raised, and addressed. If you choose to remain in the program, which runs from late September until Easter, you will receive the sacraments, becoming fully initiated into the Catholic faith!

For more information, email Deacon Jim Prosser at or call him at 443-465-3074.

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WAYS TO PRAY? Our Contemplative Prayer Group is always open to new members. The third Monday of each month from 7:00pm-8:30pm. For info, contact Sr. Mary Therese at