Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council of Our Lady of Grace

Information, Calendar and Updates

Pastoral Council Goals


Goal 1. Consistently refer to the Strategic Plan and Implementation Report for each Ministry

Goal 2. Brainstorm and collaborate on how to improve the objectives of the ministries.

Goal 3. Review the constitution and By-Laws for proper wording.


Regular Pastoral Council Meetings are regularly scheduled every other month on the second Tuesday of that month at 7:00pm


Regular meetings of the Pastoral Council are open to all parishioners as observers. Parishioners who wish to speak at an open meeting need to make arrangements with a member of the Executive Committee, prior to the meeting, so they may be placed on the Agenda for that meeting. Parishioners may also call the church office at (410) 329-6826 and leave a message or email: Deacon Jim at: Regular meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm (every other month) in the Hall.


Pastoral Council Members:

Rev. Msgr. James Hannon, Pastor

John Phelps, Chair

Ed Schmaus, Council Member

Bette Hobner, OLG Pre-School Representative

Jean Hessenauer, Council Member

Peter Wilkinson, Council Member

Jerry Reynolds, Council Member

Bill Kable, Council Member

Barb Edwards, Council Member

Bill Edwards, Council Member

Deacon Jim Prosser, Council Member and Temporary Recording Secretary