Baltimore Appalachia Workcamp

BALTIMORE APPALACHIA WORKCAMP Want to serve others, learn something new about yourself, meet new people and have fun? Then the Baltimore Appalachia Workcamp is for you! We are looking for willing young people entering their sophomore year of high school in the Fall of 2019 (or older) to attend workcamp. The Baltimore side of the workcamp is June 16th to June 22nd and the Appalachia side of workcamp is June 23rd to June 29th. Please call Karen Hoffman (410) 529-4980 for additional information, to sign up and received the required paperwork! All paperwork and money must be turned in by noon April 25th to the parish office. We are still looking for an adult to attend the Baltimore side of workcamp, so if you are willing and interested please call Karen Hoffman at (410) 529-4980.