Small Faith Groups

Small Faith Groups

Welcome to a new weekly article that will highlight Our Small Groups Ministry at OLG.
























To begin, let me tell you a little about the beginning of small faith communities in the “Church” and you will understand why we are forming this ministry at OLG.

In the early church the Apostles followed a pattern of large group worship and small group fellowship. In Acts 5:42 we see, “And daily in the temple courts, and in every house, they did not stop teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ.” In Romans 16:5 we see, “Likewise greet the church that is in their house.”

The early church was built on the premise of listening and learning at the large gatherings as well as fellowship and action in the small home gatherings.

Today, small groups are where Sunday’s Gospel and homily actually come to life.

Small Groups is where our large church gets small. Groups are 6-12 people who meet to discuss faith, go deeper in the weekly readings, and support one another in their relationship with Christ. This is the place to care for others and be cared for; a place to impact our community and the world. Small Groups are a great place to explore, ask questions, and grow your faith. There are also incredible spiritual reasons. We need to commit to something spiritual. It’s a core component of who we are as Christians, and we do that with others, Every time Jesus sent out disciples or apostles on a mission, he did so in groups.

Stay tuned there’s more to come.

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